If she ‘feels less bad’ about being apart from Raha, Alia Bhatt divulges what causes her anxiety: I never get used to leaving her.

Alia Bhatt talks candidly about her mental health and how she handles Raha, her daughter,’s separation anxiety. Let herself go, the performer claims, is what makes her work.

On Sunday, Alia Bhatt hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for her Instagram followers. The star answered a number of inquiries about her life and herself on Instagram Stories. In response to a fan’s question on how she handles anxiety, Alia said how she gets worried when there is a “sudden change or a situation she has no control over.” Alia also discussed whether she experienced “separation anxiety” after leaving her daughter Raha. “There are times when trying to control how you feel does more harm than good,” she continued.

“I give myself permission to relax.”

“We all have certain things that might trigger our anxiety – for example, I find myself getting very worked up with any sudden change or a situation I have no control over… but it took me a long while to understand that… so prior to any of these moments, I just try and be aware of it and if it’s too much, I allow myself to check out and feel the way I feel,” Alia posted.

“Leaving Raha is never easy,” Alia explains.

“Sometimes, trying to control how you feel does more harm than good,” the actor went on. Talk to a trustworthy person as well! It is beneficial.” In addition, Alia was questioned about if she “still feels separation anxiety” from Raha Kapoor, the actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor’s one-year-old daughter. In response, she wrote: “Leaving her (Raha) is never easy.” However, I suppose it will take some time for that to alter (red heart emoji). I feel less awful about her being with relatives even while I’m away.”

“How are you?” was another question sent to Alia on Instagram. like in really? How are things going for you in life right now? Alia said, “Like genuinely? I’ve been a little overburdened and distracted, but I truly feel thankful every day.”

During a previous August “Ask Me Anything” event, Alia had talked about conquering anxiety. At the time, a fan had posed the question, “How do you get over fear? You could experience anxiety as an actor at some time, in my opinion.” Subsequently, Alia stated, “I believe that the most crucial thing is that, in my experience, trying to appear normal when feeling anxious usually helps.” The most crucial thing, then, is to give yourself permission to experience it and feel it, since it is only one of life’s ups and downs.”

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