Kate took a new birthday picture of Prince Louis.

To commemorate Prince Louis’s sixth birthday, a fresh portrait of him taken by his mother has been made public.

Following a cancer diagnosis, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, is undergoing treatment.

Following the uproar over alterations made to a Mother’s Day family photo, Kensington Palace has guaranteed that no changes have been made to this image.

According to a palace spokesman, the Prince and Princess of Wales are appreciative of the good wishes for their son.

The palace said it was aware of the delicate balance in posting a birthday photo of Louis at the time, but chose to do so as a way of thanking those who had sent good greetings. Catherine has been calling for solitude throughout her illness treatment.

Fourth in line for the throne Louis’s photo was taken at Windsor “in the last few days,” the palace claims. Social media users shared the happy photo of the little prince along with the caption, “Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis! I appreciate all of your kind wishes for me today.

As Catherine continues her recuperation, the palace claims that this has been a “unprecedented time” for the Prince and Princess of Wales and their small family.

She underwent abdominal surgery in January, and tests later revealed that she had cancer. She will start treatment in late February.

Photo agencies removed a family portrait that the princess had taken for Mother’s Day in March because to allegations that it had been digitally altered, causing controversy.

Conspiracy theories on social media sprang out of this, and when Catherine made a video statement disclosing her cancer diagnosis, BBC Studios independently filmed it.

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