Review of “Animal Movie”: Ranbir Kapoor excels in a difficult, thinly-filmed picture

‘Animal’ by Sandeep Reddy Vanga has the potential to be a wonderful father-son tale. Rather, it is dominated for more than three hours by the whims of a single character.

In Short

The film “Animal,” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, was released on December 1.
The film’s scripting is subpar.

You know what to expect when you see the third Sandeep Reddy Vanga flick after having seen the first two. At the trailer’s premiere, the filmmaker had actually predicted that “Animal” would be seen as more troublesome than “Arjun Reddy” and “Kabir Singh.” Regretfully, Vanga goes above and beyond what he promised. Because ‘Animal’ is sexist in a few instances.

Vanga gives you a preview of what to expect for the next three hours of content right at the start of the movie with an unsettling “joke.” Ranbir’s character Rannvijay, for example, threatens Rashmika’s character with violence in one scene, and when she challenges his erratic behavior and obsession with his father Balbir Singh, portrayed by Anil Kapoor, in another (which we have previously seen in the trailer), he chokes her.

There’s also a joke about toxicity, which is a lovely sarcastic touch. Within a different scene, Ranbir very ‘practically’ explains that he ‘loves’ Rashmika’s Geetanjali since she is able to have healthy children. Domesticity and tradition are emphasized, and before a protracted but crucial combat sequence, a character pays homage to the current administration by showing off his “Made in India” goods.

Ranbir’s Rannvijay suffers from intense neglect and he drives that point home like a man-child, something which Vanga pegs as an ‘alpha male’ trait in the movie. However, credit where credit is due. At least, Vanga, at several points in the film, labels Ranbir’s character quite appropriately as a ‘criminal.’

‘Animal’s’ battle scene is one of its best parts; it makes you willingly suspend your disbelief. anything that the movie really has you perform several times. Because the storyline of the story is non-linear, the cuts and transitions are convincing. However, the entire plot—which is, to put it mildly, flimsy—rests on an antiquated tale.

Because of Ranbir Kapoor, who plays Rannvijay so convincingly, the first half is interesting. He does a great job of portraying this poisonous, unpleasant, and illogical character. How much more he might have accomplished with a screenplay that was well crafted! Female agency appears to be lacking. In comparison to Vanga’s other films, this feature only allows Rashmika to speak a few significant things.

In case anyone is wondering, Bobby Deol does indeed make an appearance. But in spite of his best efforts, a badly written passage makes the persona not truly stay.

“Animal” has the potential to be a lovely, hearty father-son tale. Rather, for two hours, it is dictated by the desires of its main character.

The picture has a good level of production value, the actors perform as needed, and the background music is good. Everything is nearly ready, with the exception of the plot, which is a film’s most essential component.

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