How the White Lotus Bikini Scene Made Alexandra Daddario Feel

Instead of being exploitative, Alexandra Daddario’s bikini scene in “The White Lotus” highlights the autonomy and self-assurance of her character. Daddario’s career has been rejuvenated by her role in the series, and she will now play the lead in the next “Mayfair Witches” series. In addition to elevating Daddario’s career to new heights, “The White Lotus” has earned her an Emmy nomination.

In the first season of The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario portrays one of the most memorable characters; her swimsuit scene stood out in particular. Daddario’s breakthrough performance came in the Percy Jackson films as Annabeth Chase, but her first acting credit was Laurie Lewis in the serial opera All My Children. From then on, the actress’s sexuality seemed to characterize many of her parts, including those in Hall Pass and True Detective. Daddario even afraid that her career might end because of her role in Baywatch. But then there was The White Lotus.

Mike White is the creator of The White Lotus

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