Beyoncé’s “Renaissance”: AMC Sets Rules Regarding Headgear and Wings

Although the chain of theaters is urging fans to dress in Queen Bey’s honor, it is requesting that guests take off any clothing that could obstruct other patrons’ views while the film is playing.

AMC Theatres has released guidelines for the Beyhive as they head to see Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, in response to the fervor surrounding Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Among the guidelines is a request for moviegoers to remove any costume pieces—like hats and wings—that might obstruct others’ views while the film is playing.

The rules were made public by the cinema chain, which is also handling the distribution of both movies. The superstar’s concert film is set to launch in North America to a higher-than-expected $21 million–$24 million gross thanks to positive reviews and the much sought-after A+ CinemaScore.

The Beyhive are urged to dress up, sing, and snap pictures during the screenings, much like the Swifties. The instructions, which are available on AMC’s website, also include cautions against recording the actual movie, dancing on seats, and obstructing other patrons from “viewing, safely walking, or exiting the auditorium.”

The theater added, “You know the lyrics, you know the dance — sing and dance your heart out, but please respect each other’s space along with the theater equipment.”

AMC also included a few guidelines that were more targeted at Beyoncé fans who would wish to copy the singer’s extravagant style.

“We would love to see your incredible attire! AMC says, “Feel free to enjoy the event and the gorgeous clothes you came up with with selfies and group photographs. However, the guidelines also state that masks—aside from standard face masks worn expressly for health and safety—are not allowed. “If parts of your outfit will potentially block other viewers from the screen, please remove them as the film begins (ex. headwear, wings, etc.).”

The no-mask edict is blanket policy for AMC because of security issues.

While Swifties were also encouraged to be respectful of other guests in their specific theater as well common locations such as the lobby, those attending the Beyoncé concert movie were specifically encouraged to “save your energy for once you are inside the Renaissance” screening.

AMC also made sure to let customers know that Renaissance runs two hours and 48 minutes on top of 15 to 20 minutes of trailers, and advised the Beyhive to “plan your bathroom breaks or other needs accordingly.”

Looking at the first weekend of December, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé is expected to be the largest opening since Tom Cruise’s The Last Samurai opened at $24.3 million in 2003, not accounting for inflation, 20 years prior. Beyoncé’s movie has managed to maintain its flawless 100 percent critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes since Friday. The number of reviews has doubled from nine to eighteen, and on Saturday, more than 250 reviews helped it go from a nearly perfect 99 percent audience score from 100 verified users to 100 percent.

Beyoncé released a new song, “My House,” in honor of the movie’s premiere. This is the singer’s first new song since Renaissance came out last year. Star-studded red carpet premieres in Los Angeles and London were also presented by the multiphyenate, who is now the vocalist with the most Grammy awards in history. Swift was there at the west coast event after Beyoncé made an appearance at the film’s L.A. premiere. Swift’s Eras Tour film launched in October to its own record-setting $92.8 million.

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