Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry be spending Christmas with the royal family?

Christmas Day will see the royal family gather in Sandringham.

According to reports, Sandringham, where the royal family gathers for the holiday, has refused entry to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were rumored to be anxiously awaiting the family’s Christmas invitation.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have preferred to spend Christmas with their royal relatives in the UK, they were compelled to remain in the US for the holiday season.

A royal insider said that “King Charles had plan to spend time with his California-based grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess of Lilibet, but Prince William and Kate Middleton were allegedly unhappy with the plan.”

They further stated: “The Prince and Princess of Wales seemingly stopped Meghan and Harry’s access to Sandringham after their alleged pal Omid Scobie’s claims in Endgame.”

But, some royal analysts think that if Harry and Meghan decide to rejoin the family in the UK, they’ll start a fresh drama.

The Sunday Times was told by a source. The Sussexes are too prominent a family to turn down an offer to spend time with Her Majesty. No invitations have been sent out as of yet for the holidays.”

According to a another source who spoke with MailOnline, it would be “bizarre” to believe that Harry and Meghan could “waltz back in and allow bygones to be bygones if only someone would be good enough invite them.”

However, royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams stated to GB News, “We had these reports prior to Endgame, and Harry might send messages to his family.” However, given how erratic the partnership is, it would be utterly unsuitable. They are also not reliable. This is not a setting in which one could celebrate Christmas in leisure. The Sussexes are not to be trusted.”

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