Interview: Rebel Moon cast members discuss The Scargiver, A Child of Fire, and its Extended Cut.

Before the movie’s Netflix debut, we had a conversation with the Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire cast about Zack Snyder, the expanded version, and The Scargiver, which comes out next year.

Press conferences are amusing events. I doubt that’s their favorite aspect of the job, but for the talent, it’s a revolving door of journalists who all get a few minutes to ask about their latest endeavor.

That being said, it was evident from the start that the actors in Zack Snyder’s most recent epic, Rebel Moon, were all very eager to discuss Part One: A Child of Fire, as well as the expanded version that was expected to be released in the upcoming year and its follow-up, dubbed The Scargiver. However, if they say too much, as Ed Skrein laughs, they’ll run afoul of Netflix.

The main character in A Child of Fire is Sofia Boutella’s Kora. The majority of the plot revolves around her, and she not only represents a traditional Snyder heroine but also one of the many strong, courageous women Boutella has come to be recognized for. But Kora’s openness and “thirst for life” were what set her apart for Boutella.

“She’s had a difficult past—and in the second film, we learn a little more about it—but she still has the will to live,” Boutella explains.

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We’ve barely seen half of the plot, as Skrein, who plays Admiral Noble, the major antagonist of the movie and someone who is eager to destroy Kora’s new home planet of Veldt and everyone on it, suggests. Compared to the typical villains in these kinds of films, Skrein thought Noble’s narrative was far more rewarding, which is why he was drawn to the character.

They appear, have a cunning introduction, are absent for forty pages, do something cunning, and then reappearance for a violent scene at the conclusion. Nothing exists, I found that to be interesting.

During the demanding 153-day filming, there were a few mishaps. The Hollywood Reporter piece describes Boutella striking Skrein in the head with a light sword, but the other actors reassure me that they didn’t hurt each other or themselves too severely.

Djimon Hounsou, who plays General Titus, a repentant Motherworld General with a drinking problem, comments, “It [comes] with the territory.” There are still times when you can’t help but get caught up in the thrill and intensity of the moment and end up moving a bit too quickly or slowly.

Interview: Rebel Moon cast members discuss The Scargiver, A Child of Fire, and its Extended Cut
Regards: Netflix

“I believe that each of us dealt with our injuries and wounds differently,” remarks Ray Fisher, who portrays Darrian Bloodaxe, the freedom fighter. “I always say that it’s a credit to the people we work with that you can persevere through setbacks and still want to be involved.” We don’t have an easy job.

With a smile on his face, Skrein continues, “You’re filming a scene where you’re butt naked with a group of aliens or something, and then you’re shooting a scene where you’re with 200 villagers. You’re moving around and there’s just so much to do.” But in the end, that’s what we want—to be occupied, involved, and challenged—and this was certainly that. But I’m happy I accepted the task.

All of the actors have nothing but great things to say about shooting and their director, Zack Snyder. Michiel Huisman (who portrays a kind farmer compelled to turn fighter in order to rescue his home) and Fisher talk highly of working with the filmmaker, who appears to be well-liked by everyone he works with.

Some nod in agreement as Huisman remarks, “What you also really feel with Zack is that he’s so comfortable making this.” “He is aware of his goals. Every shot we took required a great deal of preparation, but if something doesn’t work out, he can reposition the camera and find the right angle, which is an incredible sensation.

I tell them that sounds like a really nice project to work on.

It is, and in some cases, it deviates greatly from the way other Hollywood projects handle similar situations. Fisher responds, “I feel blessed.

If anyone is aware of problematic productions, it’s him.

Fisher collaborated with Zack Snyder on Justice League in 2017 and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Following a deeply personal tragedy, the filmmaker was forced to leave Justice League, and the company brought in Joss Whedon to finish the critically acclaimed picture. Fisher accused Whedon of abusive and unprofessional behavior in 2020, and many others have subsequently confirmed this accusation.

Interview: Rebel Moon cast members discuss The Scargiver, A Child of Fire, and its Extended Cut
Regards: Netflix

Fisher declined to participate in any upcoming DCEU productions and demanded accountability over entertainment, accusing Warner Bros. CEO Walter Hamada of encouraging Whedon’s actions.

“You choose to work on a specific piece of material and with a specific director and creative team when you sign on as an actor,” Fisher explains. Each of those elements influences your final decision to pursue the project. And it was clear from listening to Zack explain his vision for this project and what we finally produced that this would be “pure, unbridled Zack Snyder.” Everything you anticipate and more will be included in the expanded [cut].

The movie’s Milius, played by E Duffy, who is making her feature debut, was likewise complimentary of the mood on Snyder’s set.

“I will say that I felt really liberated, but I have nothing else to compare it to. I was very much trusted as an actor. Additionally, there seems to be a lot of spontaneity on the set, which I believe adds to that freedom.

Before deciding to make Rebel Moon as a two-part movie, Snyder thought about making it become a TV series. Rebel Moon was originally a rejected Star Wars concept. Unlike Justice League, Snyder and Netflix always knew that the movie would have two cuts: an R-rated one that is darker and more intense, and a PG-13 version that is more audience-friendly.

Interview: Rebel Moon cast members discuss The Scargiver, A Child of Fire, and its Extended Cut
Regards: Netflix

Snyder stated in an interview with AP earlier this week (19th Dec) that he doesn’t even think the extended version of A Child of Fire is the same movie as the one that is currently in theaters. As of this writing, there is still no publication date for the more violent, R-rated version.

Snyder remarked, “It’s almost like a different movie.” “The extended cut lives in almost a different universe than this movie.”

The movie’s Tarak, played by Staz Nair, admits that not even the actors have seen the updated version yet; nevertheless, they did have a different script for it.

You get to watch the early beginnings of how these characters clash, and sometimes it isn’t nice. What you get is a deeper dive into the universe, into the lore, into the inner workings of the individuals. These are very different archetypes and persons who are compelled to work together by their need for change. In the extended cut, you can see how that works or doesn’t work. It’s also darker!

The story opens with Nair’s character on the planet Neu-Wodi, where he is employed as a debt collector. In the end, he stakes his destiny on his ability to subdue a legendary beast called a Bennu. I say to Nair that the scene with the Bennu, which was modeled after a Griffin, made me think a lot of Buckbeak’s entrance in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Interview: Rebel Moon cast members discuss The Scargiver, A Child of Fire, and its Extended Cut
Regards: Netflix

Nair chuckles and says, “Listen, I won’t take that as an insult.” “I’m a huge fan of birds. During my free time, I read and sit in the garden, observing the birds.

“Any great idea, in my opinion, is either inspired by or imitates another fantastic concept. The Griffin was a symbol of strength and aristocracy in medieval times. We absorb influences from others who have already absorbed influences, and it develops into a Bennu.

I ask the cast about The Scargiver even though they aren’t authorized to say much about it. Fisher identifies self-discovery as a major motif, whereas Huisman characterizes it as a “fight for survival.”

It’s a uniting force. I believe that a number of different pieces are given us a sample in Part One. We get to witness those parts interact in Part Two,” Duffy continues.

While Nair indicates The Scargiver will provide answers to many of the issues viewers may have at the end of half One, Hounsou hints that his character, who is of the powerful and silent type in A Child of Fire, may surprise us in the second half.

“The second section provides a more in-depth exploration of the characters, their motivations, and the connections between their respective worlds,” Nair adds. “The story’s first half is akin to getting to know the character.” The second part then focuses on learning the reasons for the character’s traits. Thus, keep an eye out for Part Two to get the answers to the queries you have.

Netflix will begin streaming Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire on December 22.

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