T.I. and Tiny were accused in 2005 of drugging and assaulting a woman sexually in a hotel.

In a recent lawsuit, T.I. and his spouse Tameka “Tiny” Harris are charged with drugging and abusing a lady in 2005.

Tiny Face and T.I. File a New Lawsuit

T.I. and his longtime wife Tiny are the targets of a new lawsuit alleging that they drugged and sexually assaulted a lady in a Los Angeles hotel room back in 2005, according to information released by TMZ on Wednesday, January 3. The plaintiff, identified in court as Jane Doe, asserts that she met Caviar, a man she believes worked for T.I., at a party she attended at Coolio’s residence with a friend. The next evening, Caviar, T.I., Tiny, and Jane Doe were purportedly joined at an L.A.

The woman says that while her friend was being driven by Caviar, who was meant to drop her off at the same place, she left the club with T.I., Tiny, and two other women and returned to a hotel room. Jane Doe continues by claiming that Tiny left the other two ladies alone with the couple when they checked into the motel. She continues by saying that even though they all took a shower together, the woman complained of feeling lightheaded and queasy.

The woman claims that T.I. told her to go to bed. She says that’s when he asked to give her a massage and brought her some oil. The lawsuit continues by alleging that Tiny pushed the woman to the ground and positioned himself over her as T.I. poked her vagina with his toe. The female objected. Jane Doe says she went to the bathroom, puked, and then passed out as T.I. allegedly went to grab a condom. She says that when a security guard woke her up the next day, her “vagina was in serious pain.” While T.I. and Tiny slept, the security man allegedly led her away.

She is suing the pair for sexual assault, battery, carelessness, and other offenses under the California Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act wrongful detention. The new law gives victims of sexual assault who have reached the statute of limitations a one-year window within which to register their claims.

The Team T.I. Issues a Statement

The following is a statement that T.I.’s team provided to XXL on the case.

The quote starts, “Negativity always rears its ugly head on the heels of positivity.” “For THREE years, the plaintiff has been threatening to pursue this action. We have categorically and vehemently disputed these accusations for THREE years. We have insisted on our innocence and declined to comply with these outrageous demands for actions we did not do for THREE years. We have stuck to our guns for THREE years, despite the fact that the claims in this narrative have altered numerous times. Our stance is evident… We will not be intimidated by these unfounded accusations, and we eagerly await our court day.”

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