Kelly Clarkson was “unhappy” in Los Angeles for years and needed a “fresh start,” so she moved to NYC 

Kelly Clarkson was prepared for a fresh start.

When the singer-turned-talk show presenter, 41, discovered her talk show could be situated in the Big Apple too, she made the decision to move to New York City with her children, son Remington Alexander, 7, and daughter River Rose, 9, whom she has with her ex-husband, 47-year-old Brandon Blackstock.

“I had been miserable in Los Angeles for a number of years. In this week’s cover story, she tells PEOPLE, “I needed a fresh start.” “It’s not that I’m trying to sound ungrateful; I just can’t stay here any longer for my mental health and the sake of my kids,” we told NBC. They were also struggling.”

“I’d just been showing up and smiling and doing” for the last few years what I’m meant to do,” she continues. “But you can only compartmentalize so long until you break.”

Kelly Clarkson was "unhappy" in Los Angeles for years and needed a "fresh start," so she moved to NYC 
Kelly Clarkson. Photo Credit/WEISS EUBANKS

After enduring the disintegration of her nearly seven-year marriage to her former manager, Blackstock, Clarkson maintains that the decision to relocate has turned out to be the best one for her family. “This is where I should be,” Remington said as he left this particular institution. He’s seven too,” she adds. “Although it’s incredible that work is going well, as a mother, that’s a victory for your child.”

Regarding the upcoming season of her show, which recently won six Daytime Emmys, including best daytime talk show and host, Clarkson was most excited about being “present.” Even in the first season, things were difficult behind closed doors as I was going through a pretty difficult few years,” she acknowledges. Simply put able to enter season 5 with a sense of well-being and the knowledge that my kids had settled nicely. For the first time, I’m truly enjoying every minute of Season 5.

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In July 2021, Kelly Clarkson with River and Remington. Image credit: Instagram/KELLY CLARKSON

Her days off now usually involve taking her kids on city explorations. We take the dogs for several walks in the park. My daughter will wear me out, so we’ll go get ice cream. We’re going to the museum and we’re going to make slime,” she says. That’s New York’s cool thing. Here, a normal day is not ordinary.”

Right now, her life is “so full in the best kind of ways.” It’s not chaotic even though it may be, and it has been at times. It’s just filled in the most exquisite ways, she continues. “Everything is operating at full capacity. [She surveys the space.] And knock on any wood you see.

Kelly Clarkson was "unhappy" in Los Angeles for years and needed a "fresh start," so she moved to NYC 
Kelly Clarkson Image courtesy of WEISS EUBANKS

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