Netflix’s “Damsel” Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?

Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown’s next dark fantasy picture, debuted on Netflix recently, and it’s clearly not a fairytale. What occurs in Damsel’s denouement, and does Elodie manage to flee the dragon? Continue reading to see the film’s thrilling finish.

In the film Damsel, directed by the Oscar-nominated Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Brown plays Elodie, a princess from a destitute kingdom who consents to marry a prince from a wealthy family in order to support her people. However, things take a dark turn when Elodie learns that her new royal family intends to sacrifice her in order to pay off an old debt; as a result, she is cast into a cave alongside a fire-breathing dragon.

Instead than relying for a hero to help her, Elodie must rely on her cunning and survival abilities. The Stranger Things actress said to Netflix’s Tudum, “She’s a damsel who doesn’t need to be saved.” She finds several ways to save herself. It defies expectations: You think the prince will turn around and come to her aid, but he doesn’t. Never hold out for the prince.

Netflix's "Damsel" Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?
Hey, damsel. (L-R) In Damsel, Nick Robinson plays Prince Henry and Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie. Netflix / Cr. John Wilson ©2024NetFlix/John Wilson

Dan Mazeau’s writing for Damsel, which welcomed the notion of a fantasy adventure and a princess and dragon story but transformed it “into a place [where] it’s completely upside down,” was praised by Fresnadillo. “It was a very intense journey that I was so excited to design and to develop,” the Spanish director said to Tudum. Fundamentally, this is such a lovely tale of a young lady growing into a strong, self-reliant, and powerful adult. Elodie is completely alone and without support. It’s an authentic experience of surviving.

Queen Isabelle, the antagonist of the movie, is portrayed by Wright, who discussed her experience playing a villain with Screen Rant. Playing a multifaceted character like that is a lot of fun; it has nothing to do with you, the actress said. She is acting in support of a truly worthy cause. She doesn’t want to disrupt tradition because it’s necessary to preserve this realm.

The star-studded cast is completed by Ray Winstone, Nick Robinson, Angela Bassett, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Brooke Carter. (Warning: There will be spoilers for the Netflix series Damsel’s finale.)

‘Damsel’s’ Resolution Expounded

Netflix's "Damsel" Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?
Hey, damsel. (L-R) In Damsel, Ray Winstone played Lord Bayford, and Angela Bassett played Lady Bayford. Cr. Netflix ©2023NETFLIX COURTESY

Damsel debuted on Friday, March 8 on the massive streaming platform. If you’ve already seen the Netflix movie, continue reading to learn more about Damsel’s dramatic conclusion, which includes whether Elodie survives, what becomes of her sister, and what happens to the royal family.

Why Does The Dragon Kill Princesses In Damsel?

Netflix's "Damsel" Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?
Hey, damsel. In Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown played Elodie. Netflix / Cr. John Wilson ©2024NetFlix/John Wilson

Due to actions taken by her predecessors decades ago, the dragon specifically targets princesses of Queen Isabelle’s royal family. The dragon’s bloodline was cut off when they broke into the female dragon’s lair and murdered her three young dragons.

In order to atone for their transgressions, the monarch of the time pledged to offer the dragon three princesses from his lineage each generation, preventing the beast from destroying the fledgling realm. But the king’s family managed to trick the dragon by presenting her with princesses who were unrelated to them. In order to make the dragon think they were related to Queen Isabelle, they gathered young females to marry into the family and then made them participate in a blood rite.

Does Elodie Escape The Dragon In Damsel?

Netflix's "Damsel" Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?
Hey, damsel. As Elodie, Millie Bobby Brown. Netflix/Cr. John Wilson ©2023 © 2023 NETFLIX, INC.

Yes, Elodie discovers the way out of the dragon’s lair when she comes across a map of the cave etched on the walls by another princess, but the map does not tell her where to go.

In an attempt to save her, her father and his soldiers venture inside the cave, but the dragon discovers them. Elodie observes from a distance while her father is questioned by the dragon and his men are eliminated. He admits that he had given Elodie a lifelong vow in return for gold, knowing that she could hear him. Her father asks her to forgive him before passing away.

Elodie exits the cave using her father’s rope. The dragon is looking for her furiously, so she hides outside. Despite her success in leaving the cave, she is compelled to return in order to rescue Floria, her sister, who Queen Isabelle sacrificed after Elodie failed to carry out the rite.

After a while, Elodie locates Floria, but the fall severely damages her sister’s leg. Elodie and the dragon engage in a violent battle during which she injures the creature with the dragon’s fire. The dragon admits that they had both been duped; for all these years, she has been killing princesses who were descended from the royal family, even now the beast is injured and at her most vulnerable. Rather, when Queen Isabelle sliced the other damsels in the hand, Elodie’s blood mixed with theirs.

How Does Damsel End?

Netflix's "Damsel" Revealed: Will Elodie Make It Through The Dragon?
Hey, damsel. (L-R) In Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie, and Brooke Carter plays Floria. Netflix / Cr. John Wilson ©2024NetFlix/John Wilson

Elodie interrupts a second royal wedding at the conclusion of Damsel, where they are attempting to find a third victim to sacrifice. When she orders the other princess to flee, the dragon shows there with the intention of exacting revenge by destroying Queen Isabelle and her family.

Elodie, her stepmother, and Floria are all alive and reunited in the last scene. Elodie assures her stepmother that they will work together to manage their realm. Returning home, they board a ship, and the dragon flies behind them as they sail into the sunset.

Damsel is streaming on Netflix.

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