Amy from Strictly said she can’t wait for 2023 to be over.

Star of Strictly Come Dancing Amy Dowden expressed her eagerness for 2023 to end.

The 33-year-old only completed chemotherapy in November after disclosing in May that she had breast cancer.

She broke her foot in the same month, and a few weeks before Christmas, a blood clot on her lung sent her to the hospital.

The Caerphilly dancer declared, “I’m not going to lie—I can’t wait to see the back of 2023.”

She announced the end of her chemotherapy last month by ringing the customary bell.

Behnaz Akhgar on BBC Radio Wales: “I was a bit deluded thinking when I rang the bell that was going to be it,” Amy said.

And in actuality, it hasn’t been. Because of the neuropathy I had during treatment, I shattered my foot.”

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Chemotherapy can induce neuropathy, a disorder that affects the hands and feet.

Amy’s hopes of going back to Strictly were crushed when the harm.

“I’ve had blood clots, one on my lung which I was rushed into hospital with from chemotherapy, I’ve got fatigue.”

Amy from Strictly said she can't wait for 2023 to be over.
Amy Dowden stated that her health issues persisted even after her chemotherapy ended. © BBC

Up to one in five patients are predicted to develop clots, which are a common side effect of the disease, according to Cancer Research UK.

Amy stated she had learnt that recuperating from treatment can take some time.

“I guess I kind of told myself that once I rang that bell that was it,” the woman remarked. Amy is back, life can resume.

“And I have still had setbacks, but I am trying to be as patient as I possibly can, trying to listen to my body and just know that it has been through an awful lot.”

Amy expressed her gratitude for having “gotten through it” to someone.
“Our bodies are so powerful and I’m so grateful to be in the position I am in, to have got through it, to have had surgery and I just want to take my time now next year to build up my strength to get me back to where I was before,” she stated.

Amy mentioned that she could seek support from her friends, family, and fellow cancer patients, known as her “pink sisters.”

Amy from Strictly said she can't wait for 2023 to be over.© Getty Images
She mentioned that her family and friends are there to support her. © Getty Images

She went on, “Since talking about it, I’ve connected with a lot of other pink sisters and I have a great online community where we can ask each other questions and encourage each other, so I’m really blessed.

“And I have my own family and friends and I have got my Strictly family.”

She mentioned that she had plans to ring in the new year with her friends.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of 2023 and the start of 2024,” she stated.

“We haven’t overplanned right now because of things with treatment and stuff, but we’ll definitely have a few people over.

“All we’re waiting to see is my condition. However, a few close friends will be present, and we’ll celebrate the end of 2023 with some food and beverages.”

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Amy from Strictly said she can’t wait for 2023 to be over.