Worldwide countdown: Which nations greet and say goodbye to the New Year 2024 earliest and last?

While the world waits impatiently for New Year 2024 to arrive, it’s interesting to consider which nation will be the first to celebrate and which will be the last to bid the year come to an end. The world travels together into the future in this interwoven tapestry of festivities constructed by time zones.


With everyone looking forward to New Year’s 2024, it’s interesting to see which nation will be the first to welcome the celebrations and which will be the last to say goodbye to the year that is coming to an end. The world travels into the future as time zones weave a progressive tapestry of festivities.

Historical Reverberations of New Year’s Festivities

The first recorded New Year’s celebration took place in Rome on January 1, 153 BCE. Although many Romans celebrated the start of the New Year on March 1st, January 1st was chosen as the official date when Julius Caesar’s solar calendar was implemented in 46 BCE. The Roman Empire widely adopted this custom, and the introduction of the Georgian calendar in 1582 cemented January 1 as the official start of the year worldwide.

Kiribati’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

Oceanian nation of Kiribati leads the way in ringing in the New Year when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2024. Particularly, Kiritimati Island, which is a part of Kiribati and also goes by the name Christmas Island, will be the first to welcome the new morning. The colorful events will begin at 5:00 am ET on December 31, signaling the start of the world festivities.

The Ordered Emergence of New Year’s Eve

At six in the morning ET, the New Year’s celebration torch is passed to Tonga and Samoa after Kiribati’s joyous start. As the countdown progresses, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and South Korea join the chorus of celebration, each ringing in the new year 2024 in an own manner, adding to the growing momentum.

The Final Result in American Samoa

American Samoa, an island nation in the South Pacific, is getting ready to say goodbye to the year that is coming to an end while the rest of the globe celebrates this wonderful shift. Living in the final time zone, American Samoa is the last stronghold for New Year’s Eve celebrations. As January 1, 2024, the last day of celebrations around the world, arrives, it becomes the last place inhabited.

The Last Territories in Theory

Interestingly, if we take into account uninhabited areas, Baker Island and Howland Island, essential components of the US Minor Outlying Islands, assert that they are technically the last to welcome in the new year on January 1st at 7:00 am ET. A new era is ushered in by these secluded and immaculate settings, signifying the cyclical flow of time.

The simultaneous celebrations of the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, which bring people together from all over the world, represent the connectivity of humanity despite differences in culture and geography. Time zone differences create a narrative of joyous anticipation for what lies ahead in the following year.


Which nation observes New Year’s Day first?
The island nation of Kiribati, which is located in Oceania and lies east of the International Date Line in the central Pacific Ocean, is the first to welcome the New Year at 10 am GMT (3:30 pm IST).

Is American New Year’s Day a holiday?

In the United States, January 1st, or New Year’s Day, is recognized as a national holiday. Making New Year’s resolutions—promising to enhance some element of one’s life in the upcoming year—is a generally accepted American custom during this time of year.

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