All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey’s Parents

Musgraves has shared personal details about her parents in a few songs and interviews

Get to know Kacey Musgraves’ parents.

The vocalist of “Deeper Well,” who will perform as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live on March 2, is the daughter of Craig and Karen Musgraves. She was born on August 21, 1988.

Growing up in Golden, Texas, with her parents and sister, Musgraves dreamed of being a successful country music artist.

In interviews and via her songs, Musgraves has shared intimate details about her upbringing in a tiny town throughout the years. She earlier told The Guardian of her hometown, “I guess you guys would call it a village, but there’s nothing there.”

Musgraves eventually followed her “big city dreams” after releasing her debut album Same Trailer Different Park in 2013, which garnered her considerable critical acclaim and a Grammy for best country album, despite the fact that she was raised in a community with less than 200 residents.

Despite all of Musgraves’s achievements in music, her parents have always stood at her side.

Discover everything there is to know about the singer’s parents here.

They are parents of two kids.

All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey's Parents

Karen and Craig are the parents of two children: Kelly Christine Sutton, who was born in 1990, and Kacey, who is the oldest. According to Texas Monthly, Kacey’s sister, a photographer located in Dallas, Texas, has taken pictures of the singer on multiple occasions and even contributed to the creation of the album artwork for each of Musgraves’ releases.

Notably, Musgraves’ sister took pictures for her Grammy-winning album Golden Hour in their native Golden, Texas. Musgraves said of the album cover, “I love the cover, it felt like it fit the music for many reasons,” to American Songwriter. “Learning to live with what you have can have a certain kind of magic.” Working with someone who has known you your entire life has its benefits. She can tell me right away what I’ll like and dislike. The fact that it was taken in Golden at golden hour added even more wonderful touches. It was flawless beyond belief.

Her mom is an artist.

There’s no denying that the Musgraves family is artistic. Musgraves told Glamour that growing up, her mother was usually “covered in paint, or creating, like, a giant horse sculpture out of sticks.” The singer’s mother is a visual artist.

Karen’s artistic style has been described as “blends of Fauvism, Spontaneous Realism and Pop Art” in a previous Country Line Magazine feature on her. Her artwork, which she describes as being inspired by “whatever is inspiring to her at the time,” includes portraits of well-known people like Willie Nelson as well as wildlife.

Nelson even responded, “Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings, I look just like this,” when Musgraves gave him one of her mother’s famous paintings of him.

Her dad runs a printing company.

Along with being an artist, Kacey’s mother and her husband Craig co-own MPrints Printing, Inc., a small print and graphic design business. In an interview with The Standard, Musgraves noted that her parents are the reason she has always made an effort to promote small businesses.

She told the journal, “As long as I can remember, my parents had a small business—a print shop—doing business cards and faxes.” In fact, when she was younger, she even pitched in with the family business. “During my high school years, I was employed there.” “This is Kacey from Printing & Graphics. How may I help you?” she recalled. “They all agreed that I was the worst f—— employee they had ever had.”

At an early age, her parents supported her decision to pursue music.

All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey's Parents

Musgraves wrote her first song at the age of eight, demonstrating her early love for music and songwriting, which were supported by her parents.

“My family was understanding and took notice of me. They saw interests my sister and I had,” she said to Savannah Morning News, recalling how her mother used to take her to different classes when she was younger. “My mother started taking me to guitar lessons and vocal lessons,” stated Musgraves. “She encouraged me to play instruments and eventually write.”

According to Kacey, she is a “daddy’s girl.”

In a 2015 interview with Taste of Country, Musgraves talked more candidly about her parents’ encouragement and emphasized that she was unquestionably a daddy’s girl.

Regarding her father, she remarked, “He’s a pretty smart individual.” He is adept at saying things like, “Don’t say anything if you don’t have anything really smart to say; you’ll always come off a little better.”

She composed a song on her mother.

All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey's Parents

Although Musgraves has made references to her childhood in a number of her songs over the years, she wrote a song especially about her mother Karen for her album Golden Hour. The song “Mother,” fittingly named, expresses the need to be near your loved ones. Shortly before Mother’s Day in 2018, the music video was released. At the end, her mother makes a cute cameo appearance.

Her father became upset with her performances.

All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey's Parents

One of Musgraves’ staunchest supporters, her father has even shed tears at some of her major career turning points. Referring to their prior performances together, Musgraves offered a particular homage to her musical hero, country music icon John Prine, upon his passing in April 2020.

“No one else has had a greater influence on my songwriting than John Prine. “He’s the master of twisting words while maintaining simplicity,” Musgraves said exclusively to PEOPLE. “They say you never should meet your heroes, but he was the most genuine person you will ever meet.” “My Memaw’s funeral and the time I got to play with John Prine are the two times I’ve ever seen my dad cry,” she continued.

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