All About Craig and Karen Musgraves, Kacey's Parents  

By: Raheem Mehsar

Musgraves has shared personal details about her parents in a few songs and interviews.  

The vocalist of "Deeper Well," who will perform as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live on March 2, is the daughter of Craig and Karen Musgraves. She was born on August 21, 1988.   

Growing up in Golden, Texas, with her parents and sister, Musgraves dreamed of being a successful country music artist.   

In interviews and via her songs, Musgraves has shared intimate details about her upbringing in a tiny town throughout the years. 

Musgraves eventually followed her "big city dreams" after releasing her debut album Same Trailer Different Park in 2013, 

which garnered her considerable critical acclaim and a Grammy for best country album, despite the fact that she was raised in a community with less than 200 residents.    

Despite all of Musgraves's achievements in music, her parents have always stood at her side.