Taika Waititi, Rita Ora’s husband, called himself her “little tour boy.”

Taika Waititi is the spouse of Rita Ora. The two began dating in 2021, however they first got together in 2018 when Robert Pattinson brought them together at a house party. When Waititi was noticed in one of the “Let You Love Me” singer’s Instagram postings, fans conjectured that the two were connected. The two were then seen sharing a kiss with Tessa Thompson, star of Thor: Love and Thunder.

The two made their love official by going public at The Suicide Squad’s red carpet premiere. Additionally, they appeared together at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, the 2021 Met Gala, and Ora’s hosting of the MTV European Music Awards.

Ora and Waititi disclosed that they were wed in a small ceremony in Los Angeles in August 2022. When Ora proposed to Waititi, he accepted right away.

Ora told Vogue, “It was just really simple and blissful and calm and private and fun. My sister walked me down the aisle.”

In agreement, Waititi said, “Yeah, it was beautiful.” “Just keeping it small and with close friends.” It was good to have everything really simply without any elaborate table settings or other stressful wedding-related details. The fact that my daughters were present made everything quite enjoyable and simple. I believe this was due to the fact that there were no caterers to worry about, no late arrivals, and a lack of other moving components.

They have since raved about one another in the media. The producer of Reservation Dogs remembers how their connection was strengthened by the Writers Guild Strike in 2023. He stated to The Hollywood Reporter, “For the most part, I would like to take a few holidays and go and follow Rita around.” “Just hang out with her, watch her perform, get her a cup of tea backstage, and be her little tour toy boy.”

He went on to compliment her and her work. He declared, “She dropped out of school early to become a fucking massive pop star, and as a result, she says the fucking coolest things.” “I turn the corner, and lo and behold, it was right in front of me,” she exclaims. And I said, “Hey, honey, this is hey, look what I found. “No, slow and behold, way better,” is her response. “You’re not wrong,” I say. Look, this sounds so much better.

Waititi recently disclosed that he and Ora dressed up as Shrek and Fiona, respectively, and that they attended an Airbnb with a Shrek theme. “People would assume we had a camera and other equipment, but it was just the two of us traveling to a remote location. He said to Kelly Clarkson on her show, “She painted herself green, she revealed she had brought these costumes, and that we were getting content.” I thought, ‘I had no idea that this romantic journey was really about content.'”

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