Night Hunter 

Henry Cavill finds that playing a more human role instead of the typical superhero ones that his physique seems to inspire is a pleasant change of pace. He grounds the story and makes Night Hunter likable. 


Right now, Henry Cavill is kind of at a crossroads. The handsomely framed main actor performed admirably in Mission Impossible: Fallout, was ok

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in this film, and hasn't done much since. In the Enola Holmes films, he plays a second banana Sherlock 

Holmes, and in his frequent appearances as Superman in different cameo roles, he is unimpressive. It's safe to argue that Cavill needs a vacation to revitalize his flagging career after Argylle, especially since he is now developing a main role in a Guy Ritchie movie.  

In the occasionally captivating thriller written and directed by David Raymond, he plays Marshall, a Minnesota police officer in a difficult situation; he apprehends Simon (Brendan Fletcher), a pedophile who has imprisoned a girl at an undisclosed location—