During the concert film premiere of “Renaissance,” Beyoncé surprises her fans in Brazil.

The superstar ascended the stage wearing a silver sequined garment to express her gratitude to her Brazilian fans.

When Beyoncé unexpectedly showed up at a special event for her Renaissance concert film, she brightened many of her fans’ days in Brazil.

Beyoncé’s film Renaissance made its Brazilian premiere on Thursday. To commemorate the film’s debut, the pop queen visited a Salvador, Bahia convention center where a “Club Renaissance” party was being hosted after the screening. Videos circulated on social media showed thousands of fans applauding and yelling when Beyoncé unexpectedly entered the stage.

“Brazil, you have my undying love,” she is heard telling the assembly. I came to see you because I adore you so much. It was crucial that you were at this exact spot.

Beyoncé surprises her fans in Brazil Web Stories.

Beyoncé also tried the mute challenge, in which she says, “Look around, everybody on mute,” and the audience is meant to go silent. However, supporters seemed to be too thrilled to see Queen Bey herself.
After the event, Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, posted pictures of the stunning singer on Instagram. She captioned the photos with the words, “Move out the way when the queen touches down in Bahia, Brazil!!” Beyoncé looked stunning in a silver sequined outfit. What a period of time! Brazil, thank you.
The singer of “Cuff It” taunted her fans prior to the event by teasing them with an Instagram Story picture of a private jet with her Renaissance silver horse poking its head out the door and by altering her location on social media to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Beyoncé informed her fans earlier this week that “the renaissance is not over” and that her concert film tour would now stop in 15 more countries, including Brazil.
During the concert film premiere of "Renaissance," Beyoncé surprises her fans in Brazil.

The singer made the news following her attendance at the star-studded Beverly Hills event at the end of November, which was the Los Angeles premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. She had her London premiere a few days later, and Taylor Swift was there too.

On December 1, the concert film made its official debut in the United States.

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