The First Pictures From The "Borderlands" 

By: Raheem Mehsar

Movie Are Here, And My Emotions Are Mixed  


Video game to movie adaptations have a problematic past. Usually, that entails terribly awful, or at the very least extremely terrible,

attempts to simply take the game's title and graphics and put them into some complicated plot that completely misses the meaning of the game.   



I'm a little less pessimistic about the impending Borderlands movie now than I would have been a few years ago because this has improved over time. 

The "Borderlands" Movie

Having said that, as someone who wasn't really fond of the narratives in the Borderlands games to begin with,

To be honest, I'm not sure I can get too enthused about the film.  


The First Pictures From The

Already a single that has topped the charts from her latest album. More hits coming right up.

The fact that the cast is so amazing—it's practically filled with famous actors— 


Movie Are  Here

She's been able to catch the attention of the right people in the music industry and this is her tribute.