Top TV Writers on “Suits” Boost, IP Envy, and Burner Social Media Pages

Writers including Mindy Kaling, Quinta Brunson, Craig Mazin, Bill Lawrence, and others shed light on shows that require greater viewership, the upcoming WGA agreement, and their potential actions regarding fictitious Twitter accounts.

A comprehensive overview of the writer-producers selling in a more volatile media landscape, creating culturally relevant and award-worthy shows, and catering to the general public at a time when mainstream entertainment is all but extinct are the goals of THR’s annual list of the 50 Most Powerful Showrunners. Picking people’s minds is also a terrific opportunity.

A wide range of questions were posed to the showrunners who made the 2023 list. What additional television programs ought to have the same destiny as Suits, given its ability to become a popular streaming series even after its cancellation? Which intellectual property are they desperate to obtain? In the next WGA contract negotiations with the studios, what urgent matter is already involved? What would people do on social media if they happened to come upon a burner account?

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