The Heron and the Boy Will Urge Max to Poop

Get ready for some parakeet poo—the winner of this year’s Best Animated Feature will soon be available for streaming. Later this year, Hayao Miyazaki’s mega hit animation picture, The Boy and the Heron, will be released in theaters. It is the follow-up to Studio Ghibli’s classics. The Japanese movie, which is a pleasant addition to the major films of the awards season that are currently streaming, may have arrived late. The highly regarded director’s work is partially autobiographical, drawing from his and his family’s personal experiences of seeing the atrocities of World War II.

Although the launch date of The Boy and the Heron in 2024 is yet unknown, the transfer to Max is relatively anticipated. Since the app’s release as HBO Max in 2020, all other Studio Ghibli films—which are released in the United States by independent retailer GKIDS—have called it home. They have stuck with the service throughout the years in spite of Warner Bros. Discovery’s merger with its parent company, its relaunch as Max, and the subsequent content purges the corporation implemented on its flagship streamer. As part of a multiyear extension of WBD and GKIDS’s licensing agreement, news about The Boy and the Heron’s streaming status was revealed. As a result, all of the Ghibli movies ought to stay available on the service for the time being. This allows you more than enough time to enjoy Robert Pattinson’s gritty voice as the movie’s hero when it lands on Max.

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