The girl who was raised from a woman to a man is tired of being a guy.

New York (Monitoring Desk) The girl who became a man from a woman became fed up with masculinity and began to want to become a woman again.

Nikita Teran Nami, 24, reportedly told Newsweek that she always thought of herself as distinct from other girls and thought it was unusual that she had such a bizarre reputation.I made the decision to alter my gender when I was eighteen, after watching videos on YouTube about women changing into guys.Nikita Teran claims that she has begun the process of becoming a woman again after realising that she made a mistaken choice.I feel like a woman again after I stopped taking testosterone, a hormone associated with masculine sex.My voice is beginning to return and my hair is starting to fall out.”” “After four years as a woman, my thoughts on my gender started to remain the same.


Nikita Teran Nami, 24, initially felt different from other girls and found her reputation strange. At 18, she watched YouTube videos about women turning into men and decided to change her gender. Now, she understands she made the wrong decision and wants to be a woman again. She has started a procedure to feel like a woman again, and is now focusing on her feelings about her gender.


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