The French actress Emmanuelle Debever, who accused Gérard Depardieu of sexual assault, commits suicide.

The French actress Emmanuelle Debever

On the day when a program delving into the Depardieu accusations debuted on French television, 60-year-old Debever perished by plunging into the Seine.

Debever also made accusations against Depardieu in the TV program, claiming that he had abused her while they were filming Danton in 1982. a bright young star in French cinema in the 1980s who eventually withdrew from the spotlight; costarred with fellow countryman Gérard Depardieu in the 1982 historical drama Danton, which was helmed by Andrzej Wajda and featured Depardieu as Georges Danton.

The claims are not brand-new. Debever claimed on Facebook in 2019 that her co-star made inappropriate advances toward her while they were in a carriage on site.

She stated, “During filming, this monster allowed himself to enjoy plenty, making the most of the intimacy inside a carriage.” ‘Making me feel better,’ he said, suckling his huge paw under my skirt. I stopped it from happening.

The 74-year-old actor has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by many people. Depardieu refutes every accusation.

However, it seems that the most recent wave of accusations and the TV exposé have affected French public sentiment. No one wants to collaborate with Depardieu any more, according to Michel Saint-Jean, the CEO of Diaphana, one of the biggest independent film production and distribution companies in France. Like a lot of other people, I believe Depardieu to be the best French actor ever. However, what transpired is heinous. Can I still work with Depardieu to develop or distribute a movie? “No is my response,” he replied.

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