The First Pictures From The “Borderlands” Movie Are Here, And My Emotions Are Mixed

Borderlands Movie

Video game to movie adaptations have a problematic past. Usually, that entails terribly awful, or at the very least extremely terrible, attempts to simply take the game’s title and graphics and put them into some complicated plot that completely misses the meaning of the game. I’m a little less pessimistic about the impending Borderlands movie now than I would have been a few years ago because this has improved over time.

Having said that, I’m not sure I can be too enthusiastic about the movie either, given I wasn’t a big fan of the stories of the Borderlands games to begin with. My concerns aren’t really allayed by the fact that it features such an amazing cast—it’s practically filled with well-known actors—just because I believe that occasionally lesser-known performers can produce greater results. When I discuss this, I can’t help but think of Star Wars. What if, rather than using brand-new performers, Star Wars had employed every extremely well-known actor from the 1970s? Sure, celebrities like Alec Guinness made an appearance, but they weren’t the primary protagonists.

Regardless, the following list of celebrities appears as themselves in the upcoming Borderlands film:

Make sure to check out People’s depiction of Cate Blanchett as Lilith as well. The remaining misfits involved in vault hunting in the picture above are:

Kevin Hart as Roland; Adriana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina; Florian Munteanu as Krieg; Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, who isn’t Half-Elven; and Jack Black as Claptrap, the robot that never, ever shuts speaking. Many well-known names, as I mentioned. Hart is the most perplexing casting choice of them all because, well, he just seems like the person who would carry the weapons bag rather than fire them. Aldis Hodge, for example, or pretty much anyone on my list of possible Kang recasts.

Cinemas will open for Borderlands on August 9. Instead of just terrible humor and a lot of shooting, which would be a fairly accurate representation of the game, I hope it’s a ton of fun.

That being said, the waters will always be a little bit poisonous for me because the entire franchise was created by taking inspiration from an independent film from many years ago without giving credit where credit is due.

I simply like to occasionally remind people that this was Codehunters, and that it was released years before Borderlands with its Vault Hunters, a game that didn’t have any kind of art style at first.

And this is how Borderlands opens. Try to identify the commonalities.
You know, I think I’d just rather see a cool film adaptation of Codehunters with actors that are completely unknown. However, isn’t that not the world in which we exist?
Hell, perhaps this is all simply a Mad Max parody along with other dystopian anime. Even the original material is not original.

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