Olivia Munn discloses that she received a breast cancer diagnosis not long after having a “normal” mammography.

Olivia Munn the actress posted a gallery of images and a video on her verified Instagram account on Wednesday, depicting herself in a hospital, along with the statement, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” By sharing this, I aim to encourage, uplift, and support others as they travel through similar experiences.

“In February of 2023, in an effort to be proactive about my health, I took a genetic test that checks for 90 different cancer genes,” Munn wrote in a statement she published on text slides in the article.

“Every test, including the most well-known breast cancer gene, BRCA, came back negative for me. Munn wrote, “My sister Sara had just tested negative as well. “We gave each other virtual high fives while on the phone. I also had a normal mammography that winter. I received a breast cancer diagnosis two months later.

The 43-year-old star of “X-Men” continued by stating that she had four surgeries in the previous ten months, one of which was a double mastectomy that was carried out 30 days following a biopsy.

She has also spent several days in bed studying “more about hormones, cancer, and cancer treatment than I ever could have imagined.”

She wrote, “It’s surprising that I’ve only cried twice.” “I don’t think there has been enough time for me to cry,”

Munn claims that her “Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score,” which “looked at factors like my age, familial breast cancer history, and the fact I had my first child after the age of 30,” was how her Ob-Gyn discovered her illness.

Munn added, “I went to get an MRI because of that score, which led to an ultrasound, which then led to a biopsy.” “I had Luminal B cancer in both breasts, the biopsy revealed. Luminal B is a malignancy that moves quickly and aggressively.

As per the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, women who have luminal B tumors often have a high chance of survival.

Munn considers herself “lucky,” saying that “I had options because we caught it in time.”

She said in her statement, “I want the same for any woman who might have to face this one day.” “Have your doctor determine your score on the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment.”

In addition, Munn expressed her gratitude to her loved ones for their support, mentioning her fiancé and comedian John Mulaney, with whom she has a small son named Malcolm.

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