In the Civil War trailer, Kirsten Dunst tries to survive in a divided America.

The A24 film, directed by Alex Garland, takes place in a near future where the country is at war with itself.

With the release of its highly anticipated first trailer, Alex Garland’s enigmatic Civil War is beginning to take shape. Kirsten Dunst plays a journalist residing in a near future in which nineteen states have broken away from the Union, led by the Florida Alliance and Western Forces (which include Texas and California). Nick Offerman, who plays the three-term President of the United States, has issued orders for airstrikes against these factions.

Civil War, written and directed by Garland, also stars Sonoya Mizuno, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, and Stephen McKinley Henderson.

Since his 2014 film Ex Machina, which marked his directorial debut, Garland has maintained a longstanding partnership with A24. On April 26, the independent studio will release his most recent film.

Civil War Official Trailer

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