Bobbie Jean Carter, Nick Carter’s sister, passes away at age 41.

The passing of Bobbie Jean Carter occurs one year after the 34-year-old Aaron Carter.

Aaron and Nick Carter’s sister Bobbie Jean Carter passed away. Her age was 41.

With pictures of Bobbie Jean Carter, Angel Carter paid homage to her sister on December 24 and said, “I Love you BJ, you’re free now.”

The caption opened with Angel, Aaron Carter’s twin, saying, “To my older sister Bobbie.” “You had a vibrant personality and a wonderful sense of humor. You were my greatest buddy and I was your baby when I was a child. I’m aware that life wasn’t fair to you. There are moments when you feel like you had no chance at all.

In a statement to TMZ, her mother Jane Carter also confirmed her passing.

Leslie Carter, her daughter, died in 2012 at the age of 25, and Aaron Carter, her son, died in 2022 at the age of 34. In her letter, she stated, “I am in shock from learning of the sudden death of my daughter, Bobbie Jean; and I will need time to process the terrible reality of this happening for the third time.”

“I would like to be left to grieve in private until I can think clearly,” she continued. “I’ll release a fuller statement when I can.”

Bobbie Jean Carter passed away in Florida on Saturday, December 23, as reported by TMZ. It is unknown what caused the death at this time.

In her eulogy for Bobbie Jean, Angel Carter also mentioned the passing of her siblings, Leslie and Aaron, saying that they had gone through “pain” as kids.

“Especially at such a young age, it is incredibly important for children to experience innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering,” the author said. “I understand why you, Aaron, Leslie, and yourself found themselves in this situation. I’m sorry you were denied the chance at a better life, and I feel the anguish we went through as kids.

During the 2006 season of their E! reality TV program, “House of Carters,” Bobbie Jean Carter costarred with her siblings.

She has kept a low profile ever since the show concluded. According to the Miami Herald, she was detained in June 2023 in Florida on suspicion of shoplifting from a Hobby Lobby. The newspaper, citing an arrest affidavit, stated that she was being kept in the store’s loss prevention office when police arrived. She then threw a container beneath the desk, the contents of which tested positive for fentanyl.

Court documents in Hernando County state that she entered a guilty plea in November to charges of retail theft and possession of a controlled drug.

The passing of Bobbie Jean Carter occurs on November 5, 2022, one year after the passing of her brother Aaron Carter. After ingesting alprazolam, a generic version of Xanax, and breathing difluoroethane, he unintentionally drowned in his bathtub. He was discovered dead at his Lancaster, California, home.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner describes difluoroethane as “a gas commonly used as propellant in the air spray cleaners for electronic devices that can induce feelings of euphoria when inhaled.”

The death of Leslie Carter in 2012 at the age of 25 due to an overdose of prescription medicine was another tragedy suffered by the Carter family.

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